Understanding & Supporting a Child’s Sensitive Period for Order

What are sensitive periods?  Hugo de Vries, a Dutch scientist, was the first to discover “sensitive periods,” a term he coined, in animals.  De Vries noticed there was a time when the animal had a special sensibility which guided their instincts, “an impulse towards a determined kind of activity that can differ notably from that … [Read more…]

Learning How to Swim: Following the Child & Preparing the Environment from Birth

It’ll be July in a couple short weeks, and in Texas, between the already-in-the-high-90-degrees-Fahrenheit heat and the humidity, air conditioning will be our best friend through September. A daily trip to the neighborhood swimming pool is already one of the few outdoor play experiences we’re willing to have, and lucky for us, swimming has always … [Read more…]

Teaching the Montessori Activity Cycle from the Start

To start, what is an activity cycle?  Simply put, it is the beginning, middle, and end to any activity; it is the entire work sequence.  There are four main attributes to the Montessori activity cycle: Choice Preparation Work Return For example, if “cooking dinner” is the activity, the cycle would be: choosing what to prepare, creating … [Read more…]

My Montessori Daily Reminders

There are days when there doesn’t seem to be enough “yes” spaces in the home, when it seems your small child will only be satisfied if every material is pulled off his shelf and every drawer and cabinet is emptied, when, even then, he seems to look around and then look at you and you … [Read more…]