Gross Motor Work at 12 Months

Babies and toddlers need to move their bodies. They are wired to explore and push their physical limits. From the very beginning, we aspired to give Eli as much free use of his body as we could by not using baby products whose purpose was to contain the baby, such as playpens, swings, and activity … [Read more…]

Montessori Practical Life Before One

As soon as Eli was born, we involved him in every aspect of his life by communicating what we were doing, how we were doing it, and why we were doing it. Besides an incredible opportunity to feed his sensitive period for language which began at birth, this communication served as his first introduction to … [Read more…]

My Montessori Daily Reminders

There are days when there doesn’t seem to be enough “yes” spaces in the home, when it seems your small child will only be satisfied if every material is pulled off his shelf and every drawer and cabinet is emptied, when, even then, he seems to look around and then look at you and you … [Read more…]