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Gymnastics. Eli attended his first gymnastics open gym and class this week.  He thoroughly enjoyed open gym: it was two hours of gross motor bliss.  He was definitely the youngest one there, so I loved observing him watch the older toddlers and preschoolers and attempt to try what they were doing.  At one point, he worked several times to independently step up and stand on a balance beam about a foot off the ground.  After multiple attempts which resulted in falling off, he slowly raised his tiny frame to a stand and then jumped off with the joy of accomplishment.  No one said “good job.”  No one even gave him a nod or smile of encouragement.  And I’m pretty sure my husband and I were the only ones who noticed what he had achieved.  It was a beautiful moment and reminder of the inner drive, inner teacher every child inherently has.  I’m so happy he had the space and the environment to tackle this lesson he created for himself.


Loretta Pettway’s Quilt Log Cabin (Courthouse Steps), 1970, cotton denim, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston. We attended the monthly toddler time at The Museum of Fine Arts Houston this week, and after learning about Loretta Pettway’s Quilt Log Cabin, Eli was invited to make his own quilt: blue felt stickers of varying rectangles to be placed on a light blue piece of felt.  He has been such a fan of stickers and the color blue lately, so this was an invitation he joyfully accepted and placed the stickers on the felt, on himself, and on us.  Ha!  To end, we viewed this beautiful quilt in the gallery.  “Blue, blue,” Eli said while looking at the artwork.  Like most pieces of art, pictures don’t do it justice.  It radiated serenity.  Eli’s interpretation beams “look at all the stickers I stuck,” and it’s just as wonderful.


Bird feeders. My husband and Eli headed to the hardware store on Sunday and came home with way more than was on their initial one item shopping list.  Ha!  However, in their trove were two bird feeders, and we found the perfect spot for them: in front of Eli’s work room windows.  We have yet to see a bird stop by for a feast, but we frequently kept watch this week, which may be why we have yet to see a bird even stay for a snack.  Ha!  We’ll give it some time, but I can’t wait to see Eli’s face when we do have some bird visitors.  I’m crossing my fingers for a hummingbird or two; they are currently frequenting our area as they migrate.

Your turn!  I’d love to know a favorite from your week!


  1. Nora

    I’ve been enjoying your blog – thanks for the concrete picture of how you implement Montessori. one idea on feeders: birds like a place to take cover as they fly in and out from eating, so if you put the feeder near a low tree or bush, birds will be more likely to visit. Bird visitors also do better with a “prepared environment”!

    • Lindsay

      Thank you! And thanks for the bird feeder tip! I love thinking about creating a prepared environment for our birds! What a lovely thought! There are a few bushes pretty close by, and we did have a bird’s nest in late spring in the small tree outside this window, too, but I have been wondering if the feeders were too close to the window or too low. Thanks again! 😊

  2. Amanda

    So fun. We are actually planning on making a bird feeder this week. Hopefully fall hasn’t set in too much as we will have some visitors. And hopefully I can pull off making one since I am a DIY disaster. If it doesn’t work, we’ll head to the hardware store, too. 🙂

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