A Peek Inside Our New Montessori Toddler Class

A Peek Inside Our New Montessori Toddler Class--TMM

I hosted our very first Montessori class for the new learning cooperative a friend and I are forming. Five young toddlers (ranging in age from 12-17 months) participated. We enjoyed some circle time learning about birds, we ate as a community, we worked hard, and then enjoyed the beautiful 70 degrees, February-in-Texas day.

Even my writer-self has to admit, these pictures are worth more than any words I could use to describe them. I hope you enjoy this peek into the Montessori-filled fun that we had today! I can’t wait until next week!




Es working



E ball tracker


maximum effort






    • Lindsay

      Oh, that’s definitely the plan! I only provided little plates this time, and the families provided their own cups (mostly sippy) and one other family brought silverware. My family is the only one currently in the new forming cooperative that uses Montessori at home, and we use little glasses. (You can check out our weaning glass adventure in another post on the blog.) In fact, this was the first time any other these kids (other than my own son) had sat at a little table and in a little chair to eat. Quite impressive, I think!

    • Lindsay

      I was a part of a mom group, and a group of us wanted to start having a more structured time for play and learning since our babies were becoming toddlers. We decided to form a learning cooperative, where parents could offer various types of classes and activities for our toddlers (and any new second babies on their way) for a seasonal session fee, which includes costs associated with running the cooperative (we use MeetUp, wanted funds to purchase materials, etc.) and a t-shirt. Some classes offered, like my Montessori class, are offered weekly. Other classes and field trips are just offered once a session. The session lasts roughly 3 months, and once a family is a member of the learning cooperative, they can attend as many class as they want. Some classes have an attendance cap due to space, but this session we have at least 3 cooperative opportunities a week (with most weeks having 4 possible class/field trip opportunities per week). Since this was a new endeavor, this first session we have limited membership to families currently in our mom group, but for the summer session, we plan on opening the learning cooperative to other families in our area.

      Amy, I hope I answered your question fully! Let me know if I can provide further information about a specific aspect of our new learning cooperative.

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