The Montessori Infant Mirror

TMM Infant Mirror

A low, wall-mounted mirror is a staple in a Montessori infant space. Time spent in front of the mirror allows the infant to further explore his environment by providing another viewing angle of his room as well as the ability to watch his own movements, which promotes better body awareness even at such a young age. Eli has two mirror spaces in our home: in his room and at his diaper changing station, which utilizes the already present bathroom mirror. Especially in the early months, Eli would gaze into the bathroom mirror as we changed his diaper, making this time a peaceful process.

In Eli’s mirror work space in his bedroom, we also chose to hang his mobiles, which provided him another view of them as well, a view he greatly preferred to looking straight up.


As Eli began to roll from back to stomach, the mirror continued to provide Eli with a point of interest and focus as he began to explore his world right side up.


Even now at 10 months, Eli returns to his mirror frequently, usually to give himself kisses. Ha!


As with any work, it is important not to interrupt the child. Many times I would be waiting several minutes after a diaper change was complete or a transition was needed before Eli’s focus in the mirror would break. Then, and only then, would I move to another activity or location. Since Eli was a few months old, people have commented on his great ability to observe and focus. On one memorable occasion around 6 months old, Eli sat perfectly still on a sidewalk and listened to birds chirping until he found them in a nearby bush, and even then, he just sat and observed, never breaking his focus. I strongly believe Eli’s mirror work as well as giving him the freedom to concentrate for long periods of time have aided this ability, an ability he continues to use daily.

Common questions: Is the mirror baby safe? How do you securely attach the mirror to the wall? Before purchasing our mirror, I had read horror stories about the installation process. Luckily, we found this mirror. Pre-drilled holes made installation a breeze, and this mirror is designed for daycare use, so it definitely stands up to some pretty hard banging. I highly recommend it.


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